6 Reasons why SIMPLY ExAM is a MUST

April 7, 2017


The {Examination for Architects in Canada "ExAC"} is an "Experience based" exam rather than "By the book" one. which means passing the ExAC is highly dependent on the ratio of your involvement in all project aspects.

The following are 6 reasons why our workshops are extremely powerful for all attendees:

  1. Too many Interns are working and busy with no time to collect references for each and every topic related to the ExAC objectives, this is why we have gathered as many topics as possible in an optimized guide books that will explain architectural principles in the simplest way possible.

  2. This is a workshop, not a seminar or a course. And the difference is:

    • A course, will recite a content from various references hopping you will listen, absorb and learn (something like a history class).

    • A Workshop involves you in the learning process by guiding you and supporting you along the way.

  3. During the workshop, the tutor will trigger various questions related to ExAC objectives and simulate an exam mock-up. So you know what kind of questions you will be facing during the ExAC.

  4. The workshops are held on weekends so an practice during the week and bring up any question that you may even had it before the workshop.

  5. NBC! there are very few places in Canada that teach you the National Building Code, or even tell you what is the difference between it and any provincial one. SIMPLY ExAM Section 2 will go briefly through the main parts, and explain it in an architectural way through a building construction example from footing to roof.

  6. Attending one or all of our workshops doesn't guarantee passing the ExAC by any mean, but we guarantee that you will be happy that you did attend regardless of your exam's result.

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